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Spontaneous Dream

As random and impractical as it seems, I would love to end up in New Zealand. I just started a blog (my first one ever) to post useful and fun information and personal experiences. Hopefully, I'll start getting some good insight in feedback. It would be great to give/recieve support from others trying to pull this off.

Here it is:

If you have anything you think would be good to post, let me know. Good luck to everyone!
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Hi, my name is Paul and I live in the south-west of England. I'd love to add you as a friend, if that's okay. I've visited New Zealand four times - the last time I spent four and a half months there and wrote a book about it. My book isn't published yet, but I have high hopes - fingers crossed please. I've had a love affair with the country for a long time and would love to move there one day. I'd be happy to share experiences, information, opinions and advice to anyone who is interested.
I'm also the maintainer of a community here on LiveJournal called nz_photo which might interest you.
Thanks for your comment. I'd be honored to have you as my first friend, and I'll check out that community. Don't have anything other than my opening rant on my blog yet, but anything you think would be useful, helpful or just fun to put up let me know!
Kia ora,

my name is Maren, I am 28 and I hail from Germany. I fell in love with NZ while travelling there in 2004 (to improve my English which had gotten rusty). Since then, I have one big dream in my life - emigrating to NZ. I just read your introductory post and I can 100% relate to it. I'd love to be your friend ... :o)