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Hi all! I just joined, so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Elliot, and I live in Phoenix USA. I'm looking to move to New Zealand by March '09 at the earliest, July '09 at the latest. I paid a visit to NZ last year under working holiday, so that option is no longer available to me; however, I'm attempting to enter the country as a skilled migrant in an absolute shortage area - I have a bachelor's degree and I've been an IT professional for well over a decade. I'm pretty well acquainted with the immigration process already (just haven't sent in the application yet), though I haven't yet because I haven't been able to find a solid answer on this - how long does it take from submitting the Expression of Interest to actually having a work visa in my hand? What actually happens once I've been invited to apply for a visa, and how much time do I have to act on the invitation? Does it expire?

Basically, my lease in Phoenix expires in March, and I'm looking for an optimal time to submit my application without incurring additional rental costs in Phoenix. Thanks for any advice!

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